Monday, March 23, 2009

The mediocre polymath

I can recall in my younger days a friend of the family imparting some wisdom on me to the tune of "you do not want to end up a jack of all trades and a master of none". Sound advice indeed, but nether the less advice that I have managed to ignore over the past 16 odd years.

See i am a dabbler, a dilettante, a hopeless neophyte to faint passing interests, a"starter" but definitely not a "finisher", I am your classic "Jack Of All Trades".

So what does this life long cipher do to reverse a trend that is threatening to bring on a premature mid-life crisis? Like any "JOAT" that is worth his salt I start something new, and this time that something is..... Recycling.

I am not talking "cash for cans" recycling but more along the lines of restoring old furniture, composting, and maybe even branching out into growing some fruit of some description, i am not really sure, but I am hoping that this new enterprise will teach me some much needed patience which i have identified as the missing ingredient from my past follies.

I have set up this blog to track whether or not I have found the cure for my "JOAT syndrome" and to allow fellow sufferers and those sympathetic to my plight to follow my trials and tribulations.

Who knows where it will end up!

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