Monday, March 23, 2009


Starting at the beginning a not too brief list of potential career choices I have made in a chronological order.
Paper Boy (Of course)
Car Windscreen Washer
Junk Mail Deliverer

Admin Assistant (This was actually a cool job when I think back, I worked for Questacon and my office was in the back of old parliament house!)

Apprentice Plumber & Gasfitter
Factory Worker (Bartters Chickens)
Factory Worker (McCains Cheese)
Landscape Labourer
Concrete Labourer
Labourer @ A French Polishing Shed
AFL Sports Ready Traineeship In Horticulture
Mini Bar Attendant
Duty Manager
Hotel Manager
Building Labourer
Assitant Hotel Manager
Retail Manager
Computer Cable Factory Worker
Labourer At A Transport Comapny
Food Distribution Company Labourer
Landscape Gardener Labourer

Small Business Owner!!!! (Current)
Apprentice Chef (Current)

I neglected to mention any schooling that I did in between these jobs, but rest assured that I have a hefty HECS debt and not a lot to show for it.
Just reading over this list one could easily think " well at least he has a work ethic!" but don't be fooled. I could honestly say that any work ethic I have, would have been recently accquired and is still a work in progress.

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