Thursday, April 9, 2009

Condoms In Africa

I wonder how Richard Dawkins fills in his "Good Friday"?

I personally am struggling to get my head around the whole premise. In this country our secular government imposes certain laws on us today that stem wholly from christianity. I take it the Imams don't complain because they aren't inconvenienced by it all too much. But what of your drinking, gambling, agnostic/atheist types, what are we meant to do today.

I woke to the realisation that today I could not exercise my right to have a beer in the back bar at the Crown Hotel at 9am or place a bet on a nag running in South Africa or Sha Tin.

The wife said that we are having fish for dinner, we never eat fish!
What is the point of having a day off if you can't do anything you enjoy?

How long will the Australian governments postion on these public holidays stay this slanted. Would you be offended if your local bottleshop was open today?
Would it make any difference?

I want to get around to George Pell's comments about the AIDS virus in Africa today but I think I will leave it for another time, just another case of the church trying to impose it's outdated ideas and evil morals on the world.

Happy Easter! Whatever that means!
Have a good weekend!

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