Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project Number 1

Currently I have 3 projects on the go! The first is a new counter for the cafe that I am making entirely out of recycled timber, the 2nd is an old leather chair that I "found" in a skip, and the 3rd is two mirrors, one which i purchased for $20 from down to earth demolition the other which my wife got from the op shop for $30.

I have been meaning to get a new counter put in to the cafe for about 2 years so I saw this new found hobby as an oppurtunity to have a go at it myself. Whilst walking up Shield Street one day to do the banking I noticed that the 2nd hand book store was closing and that it had a counter in it that would provide a good carcass for what I had in mind.

After locating the owner of the bookshop and him accepting an offer for the counter I contacted my mate Mario from Can Do Constructions and he sent around a few of his boys to dissasemble and transport the counter to my house. It is now in the garage along with the gym set up, 3 bikes, 4 sets of golf clubs, a 6 burner commercial oven, a combi/steam oven, 35 wooden chairs and numerous other bits of junk from the cafe.
Here are the initial photos of the counter in it's present state. I am hoping to put some serious work into it over easter and maybe even look at putting it in early next week!

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